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Complete Report Format Size  
Financial Report 2012 pdf 5.8 MB
Single chapters from the Financial Report Format Size  
Chairman’s statement pdf 65 KB
Letter from the President pdf 73 KB
About the company pdf 105 KB
Operating & financial review pdf 171 KB
Consolidated financial statements pdf 1.5 MB
Corporate Governance pdf 429 KB
Corporate Social Responsibility pdf 93 KB
Risk management pdf 113 KB
Excel-Downloads Format Size  
Consolidated statements of financial position xls 21 KB
Consolidated statements of comprehensive income xls 20 KB
Consolidated statements of cash flows xls 21 KB
Consolidated statements of changes in equity xls 23 KB
Financial Summary xls 18 KB
Revenue structure by services xls 19 KB
Revenue structure by customer segments xls 18 KB
Key operating indicators xls 18 KB
Structure of operating expenses xls 18 KB